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About GoToGroove's Affiliates


At GoToGroove we have attempted to put a wide ranging set of affiliate tools at your disposal.  Whether you choose to use just one, or several of our affiliates, we hope that we have opened up new avenues for your fans to reach your concerts, venues or events.  Should you link to music retailers through this site, or choose to sell your music yourself through one of the self-publishing sites, or through your own web site, we hope we have given your fans another avenue to find these resources.  As always, please feel free to contact GoToGroove at info@gotogroove.com.  We always welcome your comments and take them into consideration whenever possible.   



At GoToGroove we have done our best to provide you with a wide-ranging list of affiliates to make your experience with this site as complete as possible.  We believe we have come up with a diverse list of affiliates, and we hope that these providers strive to maintain the highest levels of professional conduct when dealing with our users.  We can not however guarantee the quality of these providers.  We do welcome your thoughts and suggestions.  If you would like to report any problems with your transactions with any of our affiliates please contact us.  Though we do not have the authority to police our affiliates, we do take these reports seriously.  

GoToGroove's Affiliates
Ticket Retailers:
  • Ticket Master: one of the largest ticket providers. Click here to learn how to ticket your event through them.
  • Live Nation: Parent company of Ticketmaster that specializes in live events.  Click here to learn more about their event services and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Ticketweb: a leading self-service onlne ticketing and marketing company, explicitly dedicated to the independent venue and promoter.     
  • InTicketing:  Provides online ticket sales, custom printed tickets, and promotional services.
  • WantTickets.com: Specializes in ticketing for nightlife events, such as festivals, parties, and DJ sets.
  • Groove Tickets: Powered by Flavorus, provides online ticketing services as well as physical ticket outlets and promotional tools.
  • Eventbrite: An online service people use to create, share, and join events nationwide.
Music Retailers & Self Distribution
  •  I-Tunes: the online Apple store selling music, movies, books, podcasts and other digital content.  You must use the "I-Tunes link maker" in order to link directly to you I-Tunes page.
  •  CD Now Amazon: Sell physical CDs through Amazon.com
  •  Amazon MP3: Sell songs and albums digitally through Amazon's music department.
  •  Rhapsody: Subscription service that allows users to access the entire library from any computer or mobile device for a monthly fee.
  •  Buy.com: You must create a Seller Account and be approved before you can sell your music on this site. Please click here for Seller page. 
  •  Cdbaby: A site geared toward independent artists interested in self-publishing and/or distribution.
  •  101 distribution: A one stop shop for artists looking for publishing, distribution, and promotion  sells music and movies in a wide variety of styles and genres.
  • Purchase Now: Use this space to enter  your own web address.