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We try our best to make your experience with the site as simple and intuitive as possible.  We balance this goal with the desire to provide you with the greatest number of tools to help you use this site for a variety of applications.  If you have had trouble with the site, we hope that you have found the answer here.  Should this section not address your problem, we would like to hear from you.  Reporting problems with the site helps us address them and ensure that the site is working properly  We appreciate your assistance in sharing any problems you may have encountered  or suggestions you may have for improving your experience with GoToGroove.  





You should create an ARTIST page if you are a singer, musician, dancer, visual artist, comedian, band member, or any type of performer who has upcoming shows you would like to promote. An Artist page will allow you to select what type of artist you are, share history and information, upload photos, and link to the websites where your songs, albums, or merchandise is sold.

You should create a VENUE page if you own, manage, or work for a venue that has upcoming performances or events you would like to promote.  You can select several different venue types that best describe your location, as well as upload photos, history, maps and parking information, and link to the websites where your tickets and merchandise are sold.

You should create an EVENT PROMOTER page if you host or manage various shows and events at numerous locations - such as band managers, dance companies, non-profit organizations, or club promoters .  You can select several different event types that best describe the activities you are involved in, as well as upload photos, flyers, information, and link to the websites where your tickets are sold.

I'm an artist or venue and I just booked a gig last minute; how quickly can I update my GoToGroove show listings?

Once you log in to your GoToGroove page and add or revise your show information, it will be updated - and searchable - within minutes!

I have a private event coming up; can I use GoToGroove to send info to my guests?

YES!  From the GoToGroove home page, scroll down to the "Manage Your Page" box and select "Start a Page."  By creating an EVENT PROMOTER page for your event, you will have access to all of GoToGroove's features, including uploading photos and information, parking instructions and directions, email capabilities, and a unique URL that will allow your guests to view your event information quickly and easily - logins and memberships are no longer required to invite your friends to your party!

I entered a bunch of information into my GoToGroove page, but when I clicked "Save" it was lost!  Why?

Once you log in to your Content Provider page to add or update information, you will remain logged in while you are actively working; after 20 minutes of inactivity, you will be logged out automatically and all your changes will be lost.  Be sure to save your changes frequently to avoid losing any new data.


I saw a show at a great venue but can't remember the name - can I find it on GoToGroove?

YES!  GoToGroove allows you to search in a variety of ways, including venue type, location, and even date of the show you attended.  As long as the venue has created a page on GoToGroove, you will be able to search for it.

I can't find my favorite band / venue on GoToGroove - why not?

Any content provider - artist, venue, or event promoter -  that has created a GoToGroove page is searchable on our database.  If your favorite group or concert location is not coming up in your search results, send them a link to GoToGroove and encourage them to sign up!

I want to tell my friends about a great show I saw on GoToGroove - how can I do that quickly and easily?

Each venue, artist, and event promoter on GoToGroove selects a unique URL; simply copy the web address of the page you were viewing and send it to your friends.

To maximize your use of our site, sign up to become a GoToGroove Advanced User by clicking SIGN UP NOW in the Advanced User box on the home page.  Once you have logged in, use the search tools to find the show you want to spread the word about.  Click the + sign to add it to your favorites, then click "Show Favorites" - the show will now be listed in your Advanced User favorites section.  By clicking the envelope that appears next to the show listing, the link will appear in the box below.  You can use the GoToGroove Buddy List feature by adding names and email addresses and send your friends the show information directly from GoToGroove.


How do I add people to my Buddy List?

To add people to your Buddy List, you must first either start or log in to your Advanced User account.  Then, under the "Buddy List" heading, simply enter your friend's name as you want it to appear in your Buddy List in the "Buddy Name" box, then enter that person's email address in the "Buddy Email" box; when you click the "Add Buddy" button, that person will instantly be added to your GoToGroove Buddy List!

How do I email show/ venue/event information to my friends?

After logging in to your Advanced User account, use the Search Box in the left hand side of the screen to search for artists, shows, and venues, and then click the green "+" icon to add items to your "Favorites" list.  Each time you log in to  your Advanced User account and click "Show Favorites," all the items you have previously clicked will appear above your Buddy List.

By clicking the envelope icon next to any of your favorites, all the information for that show, artist, venue, or event will be automatically entered into the email box at the bottom of the screen.  Then, all you have to do is select the Buddies from your list and press send!  You have the option of adding additional text or messages to the email if you wish, but it is not necessary.

How do I add shows/venues/events to my Favorites List?

How do I send event information to people on my Buddy List?