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NotesMoses' mother, Olivia Branco, separated from her husband, Moses' father Alphosus Lemuel Moses, shortly before he was born. Branco was Portuguese and living in Lapahoehoe, Hawaii with her husband when she became pregnant. She sailed to Long Beach, California; Moses was born on the ship on April 9, 1926, the youngest of 3 children; his brother George died before he was born. Periodically, mostly during summers, Moses would visit his father in Hawaii.

Between the ages of 8 and 9, Moses was home schooled to prevent contracting Tuberculosis. At the age of 10, his older brother Johnny (age 14) died as a result of a defective heart valve. Moses went back to school until age 17 when he dropped out to enlist in the Navy.

He was accepted into the Navy Medical Corps and served as a scrub assistant, assisting in operations at the San Diego Naval Hospital. Upon leaving the Navy in 1947 (age 22) ask jail;kfj as;ldkfj as;lkdfj as;lkfj ;alskjf asl;kfj asl;dkfj as;lkf jadls;kf

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VenueWilliam Turner Gallery

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