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aura and strata

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Showaura and strata
NotesNot long ago, the painter Ed Moses celebrated his 90th birthday surrounded by old friends at a restaurant in Hollywood. Joining Moses, in addition to a New York Times reporter, were a handful of artist friends, including Ed Bereal and Larry Bell. (Robert group credited with reinventing the L.A. art scene during the 1950s and ’60s. On the occasion of Moses’ birthday, they were being interviewed in part thanks to recent explosion of interest in their work.
“Moses @ 90,” currently on view at William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica, is one of several new shows burnishing the legacies of this loose collection of artists. The coterie tended toward genre-agnostic experimentation and endless iteration in the laboratory of Southern California, far from the oppressive (and, at the time, more market-driven) art landscape on the East Coast.
The show spans Moses’ long career, from his early works—created and shown while the artist was still an M

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VenueWilliam Turner Gallery

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