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Peter Lodato

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ShowPeter Lodato
NotesSanta Monica, CA – William Turner Gallery is honored to present Peter Lodato: Spanish Black.

With the exhibition Spanish Black, Peter Lodato references a long history of Spanish masters - El Greco, Goya, Velázquez, Ribera, and Francisco de Zurbarán - whose work so exulted in the allure and mystery of the color black that they became known as The Spanish Blacks. Lodato pays homage to these classical masters and re-examines their palette in several of the large-scale works for this exhibition.

Peter Lodato’s new paintings also continue the artist’s exploration of light and space. Adhering to reductive, often binary field /ground compositions, the paintings resonate with the viewer like optical tuning forks. As one adjusts to the subtle rhythms within and between the paintings in this series, there is a palpable shift in consciousness and perception – as the aesthetic experience becomes a meditative one.

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VenueWilliam Turner Gallery

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